Monday, May 4, 2015

Intro to our love

Hm.. how do I even start with this. Well I have decided to start a blog about me and my very handsome boyfriend Chase Colter Clampitt. Me and Chase met the beginning of sophomore year, became a couple 7 months later and here we are.. my last month of high school and we are still together.  Trust me on this one high school relationships are definitely not easy, but love never is and oh Chase is so worth every heart ache.. and I am so unbelievably lucky to have found someone as perfect as him.  
Me and chase met at a birthday party for a mutual friend (Jordan Goldberry), I wish I could say that it was love at first sight but sadly it wasn’t. I was your typical loud sophomore and he was very reserved and shy (SO CUTE). Now the funny part is how we met.. me being my annoying self I sucked in helium from a balloon and started singing “boyfriend” by Justin Bieber to him. How weird is that? I cant even imagine how weird he thought I was. 
Then me and Chase actually became pretty good friends. Me and my friends (Reagan Schroeder, Raquel Mills, Rachel Nord and Madi Maple) started to hangout with his best friend, Jordan Goldsberry, and that brought me and Chase together. I can still remember one night we were hanging out in Chases basement and I asked him who he likes (I got the hint that he kinda liked me, but I didnt like him back:( ) and he said that he isnt sure between two girls.. he said that the two girls were Raquel and someone he wouldnt say (Me). I really wanted him to like Raquel so was trying to talk him into liking her. I guess it kinda worked because they ended up going to christmas dance together. 
Unfortunately for me around the middle of January Chase got a girlfriend:( her name is Ashley Randall (ironically enough I am living with her next year in college.) I didnt realize that I liked Chase until we were at lunch and Ashley was there and she was talking about liking Chase and I was so jealous. So naturally I was so upset because I thought I had no chance, I mean Ash is so pretty and Chase sounded like really liked her. But then they broke up after about 2 months and me and him started a little thing, but while him and Ash were together me and him were literally BEST FRIENDS. I mean I would help him compose texts to send to her and were would text 24/7. 
We officially became together March 14, 2013. What a fabulous day:) and ever since then we have been inseparable.  Love Love Love that boy. He is my forever.